July 24, 2024


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All About Cockroaches As Pests

There are many kinds of household pests known to cause havoc around many different homes. Cockroaches are perhaps one of the most common household pests today. They are insects that are known to carry many kinds of diseases that affect humans.

Cockroaches can live in many different places, locations, and habitats. Some of the common species are known to live alongside with humans. When these insects dwell inside human houses, then they are considered as pests. As mentioned before, these insects are huge carriers of many diseases as many of them have at some point lived and thrived in unsanitary locations with waste deposits. When these insects come in contact with human food, then humans such as younger ones are prone to illness.

Cockroaches are not only known to infest homes, but they are also quite common in many restaurants where food waste is just around the corner. A restaurant that has many cockroaches around it simply means that they are not taking good sanitation measure seriously.

Cockroaches generally measure about 1 inch in terms of length. However, their tropical species can be larger than an inch. All cockroaches have 6 legs, a pair of wings, and a pair of antennae. Not all winged cockroaches are good with flying hence they are often seen crawling on the walls and in the ground. Just like mice and rats, cockroaches also leave a certain kind of smell that is unpleasant.

Many species of cockroaches when they reach high population, can wreak huge havoc around a house. To make sure that they are kept under control, it is important for any homeowner to know the different ways on how to combat infestation. A cockroach can easily enter a home in through many different openings. They can enter through sewers, drain pipes, crevices, and cracks. On top of that, cockroaches can also hitch a ride from the grocery bags, purses, and boxes.

Cockroaches find homes to be an ideal breeding place as food, water, nesting sites, and warmth can be plentiful. On top of that, they also reproduce very quickly by laying many eggs around walls, cabinets, and other hiding places. They are nocturnal insects thus they are active at night time and are rarely seen during the day. Seeing one during daytime will indicate that they are overcrowding in their hiding places.

To resolve cockroach infestation, calling a professional exterminator with huge knowledge about these insects and green pest control agents will make the best and quickest option.