June 24, 2024


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A Guide to Air Conditioning Repair

Air-conditioning maintenance in most cases are taken for granted until the air-conditioner in a home or office fails. The tendency is to overlook the fact that operating such a mechanical unit all year round is like running a car for about one hundred thousand miles. So if you know that running a car that far without stopping is bound to experience mechanical failure, then you should also anticipate something like this with your air conditioning system.

It is very important to perform regular maintenance on our HVAC system. And the most common causes of failure in such units are neglect and dirt. A regularly maintained HVAC system will be serving you and keeping your cool and comfortable for a long time.

Another reason why regular maintenance is important is because if there is no maintenance the system will consume more energy and make your energy bills go higher. Your equipment can get damaged sooner than you expect. Like any new device that is poorly maintained, the performance does not only suffer but also the extended life of the unit is diminished.
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Something about good maintenance results, starts with a penny to keep it well and going. Most air conditioning problem really starts small and hardly noticeable at first, but over time when there is no maintenance, it gradually worsens until the problems affects its residents, visitors, and your business.
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HVAC maintenance is cost effective compared to having your system repaired but the problem with its users is they tend to forget this fact and they forget to do the necessary things in order for the equipment to provide longer service.

If you have an air-conditioning maintenance contract then it will benefit your system well. This air conditioning maintenance contract is also known as planned preventive maintenance. The contract ensures that any small problem in your air-conditioning unit are dealt with before they turn into potentially very costly breakdowns. These contracts also ensure your air-conditioning unit is running as smoothly and as efficiently as possible.

A lot of home owners would let go of maintenance to save on cost. It is possible to get a system maintained regularly for say about one hundred fifty US per year or even less with a multi-year agreement. Sadly, in most instances, it is the owner who calls their maintenance provider after sensing something or after experiencing discomfort. It is not good for homeowners to wait for their system to fail before attending to it. At this point, the cost will typically be higher. Proper maintenance would be worthwhile due to reduced repairs costs, improved operational efficiency and reduced mechanical aggravations.

Routine maintenance also means a routine check-up of your entire system, this includes tightening the system’s electrical connections, checking for small holes in the heat exchanger and measuring the current and voltage on the motors.