July 18, 2024


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A Modern Wet Bar

The complaint is always the same: everyone always crowds in the kitchen when you’re entertaining! Kitchens can have a homey, lovely effect that draws people in; however, you can add a similar quality to your basement or rec room by adding in a wet bar. A wet bar allows your guests to feel more autonomous because they can serve themselves drinks (increasing the party atmosphere as well!), and it gets them out of your kitchen and into the rest of your house.

Where to Put It?

Build your wet bar close to where you want guests to congregate. Finished basements are excellent locations because they generally have plenty of available space and usually host the entertainment systems we like to put into play for a party. If you have a more open floor plan on your home’s main level, that might also be an appropriate area to include a wet bar. The only concerns you should keep in mind are that your wet bar needs relatively easy access to water and electricity to ensure that your contractor doesn’t have to do extensive remodeling.

Designing Your New Bar

Once you’ve figured out where to put it, you need to figure out what amenities you will want accompanying it. Of course you will need alcohol storage, space for glasses, and a sink area, but are there any other things you may want? A wet bar is an ideal location for a wine refrigerator, or you may want a larger refrigerator and microwave to increase your guests’ snack options. An ice maker is always a welcome addition. If you home brew beer, you may want more storage space for your equipment and the brew you’ve made. Consider adding extra counter space if you often throw large parties to increase your options for offering punches or buffet hors d’oeuvres. Your options are only limited to your budget and your imagination, so customize your wet bar to fit your life and entertaining styles.


Often, homeowners neglect to decorate their new wet bar to match with their homes. They just assume that all bars look alike, and that is simply not the case! Let your creativity flow when it comes to your bar’s design. If you’re wasting away in Margaritaville, a tiki theme may be more appropriate than a staid, dark wood bar. Likewise, if your home is light in color, you don’t want to weigh down your home by changing to a dark color scheme just for your bar. Consider pulling in decorative elements from the rest of your house to make your bar seem like it’s a natural part of your home.

The other, vital decorating feature you must consider is what sort of Quartz kitchen Countertops Calgary you will use for your new wet bar. Guests can be rough on any area they frequent, and glasses tend to drop and spills tend to happen more often when alcohol is involved. You want a countertop that is durable, non-porous, stain resistant, and easily cleaned for your wet bar. Granite and quartz are excellent options that go with most decor styles. Be sure to have your wet bar countertops professionally installed by a local countertop fabricator to ensure that your new counters are the best quality and will not cause you problems later on. Professional countertop fabricators are able to custom design their counters to meet your needs and can guarantee their work’s quality and durability.