6 Tips on How to Decorate Your House!

Modern arrangements of apartments assume a minimalistic concept in interior design. It should be bright, sterile and done right, but what if you don’t like the coolness and lack of decoration? Most of us are more likely to see ourselves in cosy, warm interiors than in rooms that have been polished and cleaned to shine, where we don’t feel energy and dynamics. Today we would like to advise you how to decorate your apartment and create a friendly, warm and expressive space. 


Cool colors, lack of carpets, curtains, decorative cushions and warm shades can be the biggest problem in our apartment. If you want to decorate your apartment in an intimate, atmospheric and charming way, we should take into account several important aspects, which will certainly help us to create such a space. First of all, the lighting, appropriate colors, proper layout of the space and details. These are a few tips that affect the perception of our interior, not only by us, but also by our guests. Check how to decorate, so you won’t make mistakes and create a really cosy interior!

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  • It’s all about the lighting!


It’s no secret that interiors with perfectly matched lighting look more attractive, cosy and atmospheric. Nowadays, it’s no longer enough to use only one ceiling lamp, which will illuminate the entire space, like the living room. To make the interior look climatic and functional you also need an additional source of light, which will bring some intimacy and relaxing atmosphere. The main light should have a bright color, but not too bright and be properly adapted to the type of room. In addition, the lighting should be maintained in a warm, yellowish shade, which adds cosiness, intimacy and intimacy to the apartment. Apart from its functionality, light also plays a decorative role in the interior. It is a fantastic way to add original light forms to your apartment!


  1. Make Use of Every Free Space


If we want to get rid of the raw, cool climate from our everyday living space, it’s worth to properly manage every corner, every free shelf and empty worktop, so that they acquire a more distinctive, cozy character. Then even a white coffee table will look cozy enough. People who appreciate minimalism, but in a more accessible, warm version should try to decorate the interior with delicate frames with illustrations or photos, albeit in subtle colors. Additionally, the presence of plants in the apartment will add naturalness and ecological character. Those who appreciate spontaneity, energy and dynamics should use the power of juicy colors, which will certainly decorate your interior in a unique and creative way. Fill the empty chest of drawers with interesting, expressive accessories in various forms and shapes, thus giving your space an artistic atmosphere.



  1. Choose the Right Colour Scheme


Very often we want to decorate the apartment too quickly, thus omitting important details, which should be determined at the very beginning of our decorating adventure. First of all, think about which colours suit you best, whether those from a palette of cool, cold shades or maybe those that are warmer, more juicy and energetic. Thanks to that we’ll narrow down our search by half and we will be able to proceed with further actions. The next step is to select the two main colours that will dominate our interior. Remember to choose the shades carefully, because by using the wrong colour combinations you can create a sense of chaos and disorder in your home. In our opinion, the ideal way to create an interesting and original space is to combine color from a cool palette of colors with a warmer shade. Thanks to this you will eliminate the harsh climate of your private space. 


  1. Pay Close Attention to the Details


Details are details that are not only pleasing to the eye, but also build the atmosphere of the place. Thanks to their presence in the apartment, the interiors seem to be more cozy, colorful, expressive and original. Decorative accents will work particularly well in artistic, pop art, Scandinavian or rustic spaces, while in a minimalist interior it is better to give them up completely, or limit yourself to a large-format work of art or a plaster bust. Remember that extravagant lighting can also serve as a decoration, just select the appropriate lamp shade, color of light and direct the beam of light to the place you want to highlight, show. 


  1. Avoid Combining Styles That Don’t Fit Together


If you want to decorate the interior and emphasize the advantages of your apartment you must remember not to combine styles that can bite with each other, for example, the combination of minimalist and rustic style is a terrible solution, because one likes order, sterility and open spaces, and the other old wooden furniture, a multitude of accessories, decorations and trinkets. If you want to furnish your apartment, first of all you have to make a proper project and draw everything carefully. Thanks to that in our work there will be no room for error, and in this way we will arrange the interior with an amazing atmosphere and character. Remember that if you want to mix styles it is only those that are related, with similar style, let’s say Scandinavian with Danish or rustic with Provencal. 


  1. Remember that It’s still Supposed to be Practical and Comfortable


When designing our own four angles, we always put functionality and comfort above all else. These are two extremely important factors that define our interior and give it the right character. Functionality translates into our comfort in use, which is why it is so important that the apartment is properly designed and facilitates our everyday life. Perfect space is a place of proper colouring, corresponding to our aesthetics, it is also a place of properly planned rooms and comfortable and functional furniture, which in addition to decorating the apartment, will provide us with decent conditions for rest. Do not forget about the corner for yourself and your interests. The reading corner at home is an ideal solution for those who want to break away from everyday life for at least a moment and immerse themselves in their favourite reading. 

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