July 21, 2024


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5 Common Springtime Pests

As temperatures sail into the 50s and 60s, it’s completely reasonable to rejoice the onset of Spring, however, it’s also important to be aware of the many pests it brings. For example, if you haven’t already noticed the first signs of mosquitos, you will soon. Insects in hibernation are just as cued to the weather changes as we are, and will begin to stir in much greater force in the coming weeks.

Here are the 5 common spring pests, and what to expect with their arrival.

An Overview of 5 Common Spring Pests

  1. Flies – Many types of flies appear in early spring. One of the most common you’ll find indoors are fruit flies, the tiny, flying insects that typically gather around ripened fruit or other food sources. Although they can’t harm you, they’re annoying, and can quickly become an infestation if you don’t remove the food source. If you start to notice a lot of them or their pupae on your food, you likely have an infestation. In this case, contacting the experienced pest control professionals at Black Diamond for consultation is highly recommended.
  2. Carpenter Ants – When it gets warmer, carpenter ants waste no time in the construction of their permanent residence. The problem? They often use your home as building material! If untreated, tunneling carpenter ants can severely damage the structural integrity of your home. Signs of a carpenter ant infestation include wood debris, strange rustling sounds, and dead ants.
  3. Mosquitoes – Mosquitos suck, right? Like clockwork, they appear when it starts to get warm, silently leaving itchy, red bites on inconvenient places. They also can spread harmful diseases, such as West Nile virus and more. Prevention generally entails removing standing water from your gutters and yard and wearing bug spray, but if mosquitoes are still bothering you or seem to infest your space, calling 877-DEAD-BUG is the next step!
  4. Stinging Insects – Red wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, and other stinging insects emerge in the springtime to spread chaos at kids’ birthday parties and other outdoor events. Beyond being a scary nuisance, these bugs can infest your home. Signs of an infestation include hearing loud buzzing noises, finding a visible nest, or seeing lots of insects flying around. Stinging insects can be very dangerous in large groups, and should be handled by a pest control pro who knows how to safely get the job done.
  5. Termites – Termites thrive in the warm, humid temperatures of spring. As the weather starts to change, the “silent destroyers” get to work, chewing through wood and cellulose-based plant materials. Whether inside your home or in your backyard, termites often go unnoticed due to their quiet, highly-structured colonies. Signs of termites include hollow-sounding wood, visible mud tubes, and discarded wings. If untreated, termites can be hugely devastating to homeowners.

If you think you may be experiencing an infestation, contact Black Diamond’s experienced pest control professionals.