4 Great Materials for Kitchen Countertops

There are many great material options available to replace a kitchen countertop, but making the final choice can be overwhelming. Each material comes with its own pros and cons. Some are softer and scratch easily, while others might be harder to scratch but more easily stained. Cost can also be a factor in the decision, making budget considerations important. 


If cost is not prohibitive, then choosing a quality granite Pittsburgh material for your kitchen counter is a great choice. With a timeless, elegant look, granite is the choice of many homeowners in adding a bit of luxury to a kitchen. Granite is a natural stone and must be sealed often in order to maintain its beauty. 


Marble is another unique countertop option to consider, as no two pieces of marble are exactly the same. However, this type of stone countertop is much softer than other materials and can be scratched quite easily. In addition, marble is a natural host to stains, making marble countertops difficult to keep clean.  It is also very high in price, so isn’t always an option if working within a limited budget. 


Engineered quartz is a great option for homeowners who are looking for a cheaper alternative than granite or marble. The look of quartz is similar to other natural stone countertop materials, only in this material, individual pieces of quartz are bound together by resin and molded into slabs, making it much more affordable. 

Solid Tile

Solid tile countertops are a great option if looking for a more hardy and easy-to-clean surface. Tile is affordable and can also be a great DIY project, saving tons of money on installation. Porcelain tiles these days can even look like wood grain or marble, so it is definitely an option to consider. 

Replacing kitchen countertops is a great way to add an easy update to a kitchen. When making this decision, weighing the amount of use and durability the countertop needs is important, as well as considering the budget available for the project. 

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