May 22, 2024


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4 basic tricks for arranging a minimalist children’s bedroom easily

Nowadays, minimalist home designs have mushroomed on every side of city streets. Like it or not, the interior design of the house must also be adapted to a minimalist style. One that must be adjusted is a minimalist child’s bedroom. Previously, a minimalist child’s bedroom was not a priority for the interior design of a house. However, now every corner of the house must be designed as minimally as possible in order to save space and the existing coffers of money.

Minimalist children’s bedrooms do not always have to reduce the main facilities of the children’s room! Single Beds, and then arranging a minimalist children’s bedroom design can make the room look more organized, modern, comfortable, and look neat. Guaranteed, the children’s room will look more neat and organized. However, having a tidy room like this is not easy. Therefore, this time Kania will give tips on how to arrange a minimalist child’s bedroom!

Arranging a Minimalist Children’s Bedroom with One Color

To enhance the impression of a minimalist child’s bedroom, use only one color so that the room looks calmer and simpler. In the picture above, a calm color was chosen to be the basic color for a minimalist child’s bedroom. Mix and match with darker decor colors, for example, such as a brown blanket and soft pillows of the same color. This enhances the natural effect on the room and peace of mind when looking at it.

Minimalist Children’s Bedroom with the Right Lighting

It is no longer the time to use lamps placed above the room to illuminate the entire room. Use spotlights to illuminate every corner of a minimalist child’s bedroom at home. Proper lighting is very important for the feel of a room.

Minimalist Children’s Bedroom with Wall Shelf above the Bed

By utilizing only one side, you can already arrange your minimalist child’s bedroom to be more slick! Use one side of the room for the bed at the bottom and shelves to store various items, can be displays, photo frames, or books. To simply Beds for children, the empty space can be used for a child’s study table which has a more proportional space. The remaining space on the side can be used to put a wardrobe. Also, give Trundle Beds are good alternatives for doing this step, if you have many children.

Minimalist Children’s Bedroom by Utilizing Each Side of the Room

If you have more space for the room, make good use of each side of the child’s minimalist bedroom. One side is used to put cabinets, the other side is used for study tables, children’s chairs, and cabinets. The other side can be used as a mattress. Remember, this minimalist children’s bedroom layout can only be done if you have more space in the room.