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Le film occultant : quelle couleur choisir ?

Les films occultant sont disponibles en différentes couleurs. Vous pouvez choisir la couleur qui vous plaît pour redonner un nouvel aspect à votre intérieur. Le film occultant existe en blanc, noir et en marron. À vous de choisir la couleur qui vous plaît pour les vitres de vos maisons ou de votre bureau.

Le modèle de film occultant blanc : un petit passage de la lumière

Ce type de film a d’importants points forts, car pouvant obstruer la vision par transparence. Malgré son opacité, ce type de film peut laisser passer un peu de lumière. Ce type de film occultant peut-être posé facilement. Il suffit de retirer la fine pellicule qui assure la protection du film avant sa pose.

Le modèle de film occultant blanc peut être facilement entretenu. Il suffit de la nettoyer avec de l’eau savonneuse 30 jours après la pose. Pour une plus grande durabilité, il est déconseillé d’utiliser de l’alcool ou des matières abrasives pour assurer l’entretien de ces types de films.

Ce modèle de film peut être posé à l’intérieur comme à l’extérieur d’une vitre.

Le modèle de film occultant noir : une protection totale contre les rayons du soleil

C’est le type idéal de film qu’il vous faut si vous ne voulez avoir aucune visibilité. L’un des points forts de ce matériau, c’est qu’il est doté d’un filtre anti-UV d’une grande efficacité. Vous n’avez pas besoin d’appliquer des autocollants ou d’autres matériaux du même type pour assurer l’adhésion du film.

Contrairement au modèle précédent, ce modèle de film occultant n’est pas compatible au double vitrage. Malgré le fait que la couleur noire soit connue pour sa capacité à absorber la chaleur, ce modèle de film rejette 70 % de la lumière du soleil absorbée. Ce qui peut vous aider à une réduction totale de l’éblouissement des rayons du soleil.

Le modèle de film occultant marron : pratique pour la décoration

Vous pouvez décorer vos fenêtres en vous servant du modèle de film occultant marron. Ses capacités adhésives font qu’il peut être facilement collé sur la fenêtre d’une habitation. Ce matériau d’une couleur attirante peut être utilisé pour une décoration de vos vitres.

En posant ce modèle de film, vous pourrez profiter d’une totale intimité, car personne ne pourra voir de travers. En plus, c’est un modèle de film qui ne plonge pas une pièce dans le noir total. Ce matériau peut vous servir pour une longue durée, l’estimation de sa durée d’utilisation étant de cinq années.

Il peut également être nettoyé facilement, tout ce qu’il faut c’est de l’eau savonneuse et un nettoiement 30 jours après la pose.

Le modèle de film occultant existe en différentes couleurs. Votre choix peut donc être fait selon vos goûts. Pour laisser passer un peu de lumière dans votre habitation, vous pouvez opter pour l’installation d’un film occultant blanc. La couleur noire de ce film peut être utilisée si vous voulez vous protéger contre les rayons du soleil. Pour apporter une touche décorative à votre intérieur, vous pouvez …

6 Easy Ways To Finance Your Dream Home Improvement Projects

Every homeowner would love to improve their home every once in a while not only to maintain and add appeal to it but even to add home value. However, not everyone has enough budget to finance a home improvement project. Thankfully, there are lots of option to choose from.

The following are 6 financing alternatives that can help you pay for your home improvement projects.

Cash Payments

Saving up enough cash takes time and patience. However, it is easier to set and stay within a budget if you know you’re going to pay with cash. With the right attitude, you can dodge extra fees that come with debts in financing your home’s renovation.

Credit Card

Your trusty old credit card can cover for your renovations when you have no money to finance it. Such payment option comes with interest fees that are usually higher than mortgages. If you miss or pay late, you can lose lots of cash. But, if you’re after rewards or credit points and you’re confident you can pay for your bill at the end of the project, then credit cards may come in handy to achieve your goal.

Good read: The Pros and Cons of Credit Cards

Personal Loan

If you’re not comfortable with putting your home as collateral, then personal loans are a great financing alternative when improving your house. It takes five to seven years to pay for a personal loan, and interest rates are usually higher than home equity loans. This is perfect for homeowners with good credit scores but doesn’t have enough equity to qualify for Home Equity Loans.

Home Equity Loan

If you want to fund home improvement projects by tapping into your equity, then a Home equity loan is one way to do it. You’ll receive a lump sum of money that you can pay for it within 15 to 30 years. These are some Texas Home Equity Loan Rules to follow if you want to make the most out of your home equity.

  • Understand Home Equity tax rules
  • Compare pros and cons before settling on a lender
  • Only use your home equity for good reasons
  • Make sure to only borrow less than 80% of your home’s value
  • Plan a payback wisely

Home Equity Line of Credit

When it comes to HELOCs, your lender will deposit the funds on your account that you can withdraw anytime you need to use it. Like a home equity loan, you can borrow up to 80% of your home’s equity. When it is time to pay back the loan, monthly payments are usually higher since it will only last for 15 years and already comes with more principal fees.

Mortgage Refinance

For homeowners who used a home loan to finance a home purchase, you can lower your monthly payments and rate with the help of a mortgage refinance. After your lender is done appraising your home, the remainder will be the amount you can cash out to use for home improvement. It would be …

Giving your radiator a new lease of life

When you spend time redecorating your home you can find that the skirting boards, ceiling and even the column radiators in your property start to look a bit tired and in need of a bit of a freshen up themselves. Painting all of these areas is fairly easy but there are a few things that you should consider when painting column radiators or another other type of radiator in your property.

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The first thing that you should ensure you do before commencing painting is to turn your radiator off. This may seem like the most obvious thing to do but it can be easy to forget the timings that you have set for your heating, only to find the radiator warming up mid coat of paint. You want your radiator to be completely cold before you attempt to start painting it. This is partly due to the obvious safety issues but also because the paint will not take properly if the radiator is warm.

You should open the windows in the immediate area of the radiator and clear away any furniture items as well as giving the radiator and the surrounding area a quick hoover and clean to make sure that you remove and dust and debris that can become caught in the paint. Placing a splash cover or ground sheet underneath the radiator will help to protect your carpet and flooring from paint splashes and drips that inevitably occur. If you don’t have a ground cover some old sheets will work just as well.

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Radiators tend to pick up lot of dirt an even grease so your next step should always be to give the surface a good clean with a wet cloth and some washing up liquid or other detergent. After the radiator has fully dried you can start to and the surface down. By lightly sanding the surface you provide a rough area for the paint to adhere to. If you skip this step you can find that once dried, your paint peels off or drips into small pools. Giving yourself an even surface to paint onto will help to ensure that you have a smooth finish once you have painted. Once you have finished sanding you shod once again wipe the radiator down and hoover the area to remove any small particles.

Now you are ready to prime the radiator. To do this you should purchase either a specialist radiator primer or a standard metal primer will work just as well. After applying a full coat of primer, you should allow this to dry fully before moving onto the paint. You have now reached the final stage and can add your paint to the radiator. Again, this could be radiator or metal paint. Once the paint has dried fully you can stand back and admire your handy wok.…

Four Windows That Builders Most Typically Use

Windows are often overlooked as we embark on home renovations, but they are so important both on a functional and style level. In this article, we look at some of the options out there.

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Whether you are looking for windows Dublin or in Dorset, our advice is to make sure you speak to your builder in advance of any building works you are having done. Don’t leave it to the last minute to decide on what window will best suit your project, as this may result in a choice you may well regret.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular styles.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are perfect for rainy climates; this makes them perfect if you are looking for windows Dublin. This is due to the way the window produces a kind of awning when it is open.

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Bay Windows

Bay windows create a sense of openness in a room – check out for some examples – protruding from an exterior wall and providing a ledge or shelf which can be prettily decorated with ornaments and keepsakes. There are many advantages of installing a bay window, including letting lots of light into your house, adding a sense of space by expanding the room, and, importantly, providing curb appeal and adding value. They generally involve flat windows in a frame that is angled. Generally, this usually consists of a centre window with two side ones angled at between 30 to 40 degrees.

Skylight Windows

Skylight windows are the perfect option if you want to add more natural light into your home – especially during the winter months, when they can brighten even the darkest of days – and your exterior walls don’t offer enough space or options for adding windows. A roof window is similar to a roof vent.

Sliding Windows

These windows have two sections that are generally made from single windows. One of the sections can be moved up over the other when you are opening or closing the window.


Our advice is to make sure that you pick the brains of your expert builder to make sure the window choice you make is the right one. Your windows are likely to be in place for many years, so it is vital that you make the right decision.…

Why Hire a Professional Cleaning Service?

Cleaning seems to be a job that is never completely done. You can feel a little less overwhelmed by hiring professional cleaning services to stay on top of these tasks. Enjoy more free time and a cleaner environment.

Move-Out and Move-In Cleaning

Managing or owning rental properties means dealing with the aftermath of move-out and move-in events. Both can go smoother with the advantages of hiring professional cleaners. You can be sure that the property is ready for your next renter.

Commercial Cleaning Service

Offices, retail spaces, hospitals, clinics, manufacturing facilities and more need to have a clean environment to keep employees and customers safe and comfortable. Utilizing routine professional cleaning s one way to effortlessly provide a cleaner, more welcoming environment. All of your desks, waste cans, floors, windows, restrooms, break rooms, and waiting areas can be thoroughly cleaned and made ready for use the next day.

Scheduled Regular Home Cleaning

BUsy schedules can make it difficult to keep up on housework in your home. You can get weekly or monthly assistance to keep you on top of the tasks. It can take a large burden off your shoulders to have the extra help when needed.

Special Events Cleaning

Large birthday parties, anniversaries or company gatherings are the perfect time to hire extra cleaning help for the aftermath. There will inevitably be areas with spilled food, drinks, and trash that needs to be taken care of right away. A professional team of cleaners can have it taken care of quickly.

Cleaning Packages for Homes and Businesses

Chooose from several different packages for home or commercial cleaning at regularly scheduled days and times. You can enjoy the flexibility of choosing packages that offer weekly or monthly services.

Contact the professional cleaners chevy Chase MD residents depend on to get cleaning done in both homes and businesses. You can relax and breathe easy as the cleaning tasks are handled with ease.…

What’s the best way to get hot water more quickly?

We all know the experience of holding a hand under a running tap or shower waiting for the water to get warm. You might be tempted to think that this is just a fact of life, and at least you’re not having to heat a kettle over an open fire to fill a tin bath, but there are some things you can do to get your hot water flowing faster.

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Boosting the flow

In most houses there will be a location – usually the kitchen – where you use hot water more than anywhere else. One solution to getting hot water sooner at this location is to install a booster heater. This is a small heater fitted close to the sink that will get you a few gallons of hot water for immediate use without having to wait for the flow from the boiler.

Another option is a recirculating hot water system. But this relies on a pump and so can waste energy. If you do opt for this type of system, it’s best to also install a timer so that the pump only works at times when you are likely to use hot water –

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If there’s a long pipe run from the boiler or cylinder to the tap, you can also try insulating the pipes to keep the water in them warm for longer.

Boiler matters

In most homes, the main source of hot water is a gas boiler. This can be a combi boiler that heats water on demand when you turn on a tap, or a system boiler that heats water and stores it in an insulated cylinder. If you’re looking for a new boiler installation Gloucester has a number of suppliers, including and they should be able to advise you on the best type for your home.

It’s important to choose the right type of boiler for your needs. While a combi will be fine for most smaller properties where you only need hot water in one place at a time, if you have a larger house – and particularly if you have more than one bathroom – then a system boiler is likely to be better suited to your needs and will give you a more consistent and reliable hot water supply throughout the property.

Simple Shower Filter Removes Chlorine and Other Unsavory Chemicals

We all plan to stay healthy but the smart ones do the research to know what danger lurks in our environments. Have you discovered that the simple action of changing your shower head to one that filters chlorine and other harmful chemicals, can be beneficial to your health and your hair? A shower head filter is an easy fix.

Chlorine, a poisonous gaseous compound used to kill bacteria in municipal water supplies, remains in your bathing and drinking water. You want a good water filter to remove it before it coats your body and your hair. And to prevent fumes from being breathed into your body by your lungs.

Swimming in a chlorinated pool gives you and an example of how chlorine dries your skin. It leaves your hair dry and lifeless. You skin and hair naturally have a thin layer of protective oils. They were put there by nature and are intended to protect these fragile, but important, human structures. Your skin is your largest organ and it can absorb a lot of chlorine in a warm moist environment, like a shower. Many people don’t realize that their dry, itchy skin is a result of chlorine in their bathing water.

It used to be a complete luxury to have shower head with filter for hard water for your bathroom shower. Now, with new technology and buying directly from the manufacturer, all of us can have the health and beauty benefits of showering chlorine free. Switching to the best shower filter is not costly and averages only pennies a day for a much better bathing experience. You will notice the difference after your first shower. And, you will wonder why you didn’t investigate this simple remedy years ago. It takes very little time to make a profound difference.

It just makes sense that removing strong chemicals will leave your skin and hair truly clean. Hair products bond better to hair that is not coated in chlorine. Your hair will be and look more healthy.

A two-stage filter is required to first remove chlorine and the second phase to remove other harmful chemicals, including VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Installation is easy and can be accomplished with just pliers. And, a lifetime warranty is offered by the best company. If a company is confident of their product, a lifetime warranty is not a bonus, it is expected. A bonus is the massage feature built into your shower head filter.

Now is the time to treat yourself to a shower head filter to remove chlorine. Your body and your hair will thank you.…

How To Save Money During a Move

When it comes to relocating your family, there are lots of factors to consider. Moving your entire family and all of your possessions can be an emotional process and logistical nightmare. One of the most important things you should think about is how to save money during a move.

1) Decluttering is Key

You will save endless hours and money by downsizing your possessions before you make the big move. Old clothes, toys, books, and games that you don’t really use anymore do not need to make the transition to your new home with you. Think of the hundreds of pounds of junk you have taking up space in your basement or other storage areas. Before you even begin to pack, take a long, hard, and honest look at what you do and do not need to keep with you. A good rule of thumb is to go by the “6-month Standard”- if you have not used it in the last 6 months, then it is time to pitch it. You can donate your old things or have a yard sale, but either way, you will be incredibly happy in the long run when your move is much lighter and easier to coordinate.

2) Choosing A Mover With a Good Reputation

Choosing the right mover can make or break your move. After all, you are trusting these people to take care of everything you own and to transport everything safely. North American Van Lines is a great example of a moving company whose reputation speaks for itself. Customer reviews and client experiences are all glowing and shining examples of people who have moved successfully and could not be more happy with their service. You can rest easy knowing that your things are in good hands as you move to your new home.

3) Consider Your Timing

According to Money Talks News, moving in the middle of the week and month can help you save a chunk of change. Many moving companies are not as busy during these times and overall travel will be much easier. If at all possible, do not move during the holidays. This is where things are crazy and you will spend a fortune transporting your belongings. Another thing to consider is moving during the summer. This is the slow time for many movers and you may have an easier time overall with the process. Consult your local moving professionals to see when they suggest executing your move.

4) Buy Cheap and Renovate

Another method of saving money with a new place is to buy a “fixer upper” and renovate it to your standards. This will allow you to craft your dream home while paying an affordable price to start off with. While renovations can be pricey, careful planning will allow you to set and stick to a realistic budget that will save you money in the long run. Don’t break the bank on buying your perfect house, instead, be frugal and plan on creating your …

Barbados—The Great Caribbean Getaway

Vacationing in the tropics is at the top of the list for many travelers. As an American, there are so many wonderful destination island getaways that are close by to choose from. Of all the hotspot locations, the Caribbean is one of the most loved spots for American tourists.

The island chains in the Caribbean offer a great tropical lure with miles of pristine beaches and smaller crowds than some of the other global tropical locations. They are also traditionally known for safety and quaintness as well as culture. One of the favored islands in the Caribbean for the tourists is Barbados.

One of main reasons Barbados is a charmed favorite for tourists in the fall, is that it lies outside the typical Atlantic Hurricane Belt. This means that it has a less chance of getting hurricane weather during the traditional season of July through November. Since many people book their vacations long in advance, booking a vacation for fall on a regional island can be risky. However, there is less worry for this with booking a vacation in Barbados.

Like quite a few other islands in the region, Barbados is part of the Commonwealth of Great Britain. It has its own government but is acknowledged as part of the realm of the crown. The island is 21 miles long by 14 miles wide covering a total area of 167 square miles. This makes it one of the more sizable islands.

For people looking for a great getaway with miles of pristine turquois watered beaches, Barbados is the right place. It has villages filled with year-round cultural events, music festivals, quaint shops, restaurants and cafes. It has one of the largest populations in the Caribbean islands by contrast to most of the others. It is host to over 1 million visitors a year, almost half of that are people staying in local accommodations, with over half being cruise ship visitors.

Sports and Sporting Events

For visitors, there 56 miles of coral reefs which makes it quite a popular spot amongst snorkelers and boaters. For spectator sports, there are sporting events such as:

  • Polo
  • Rugby
  • Golf
  • Horse Racing
  • Cricket

These are among the most popular sporting events to enjoy. The country hosted the 2007 Cricket World Cup final. It also has had a great many widely known professional cricket players from amongst it ranks. Many golfers both professional and non-professional enjoy traveling to the island to enjoy their top ranked 18-hole professional golf course.

Island Accommodations

The island of Barbados is well known for its many posh resorts and hotels as well as exciting things to do. However, of all the island accommodations, one of the more popular for guests are the various villa resorts, like Exceptional Villas. Some of these are resort villa accommodations and others are privately owned. By contrast to the traditional resorts and high-end hotels, villas offer more privacy and the ability to enjoy a private house style accommodation with extra amenities.

For people who want …

Five more ways to maximise the use of your bay window

A bay window is a beautiful feature of many homes, incorporated into many period and contemporary buildings. The additional space in a room can be a huge asset, though if it is not well thought out, it can end up being wasted.

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1. Storage space

There must be few homes where the residents are happy with the amount of storage available! There is always scope for more, and incorporating bookcases or built-in drawers into the bay alcove can add some valuable extra storage space. Adding a seat above adds even more flexibility.

2. Space for essentials

There are some things in a room that are essential, like a sink in the kitchen. You have to have one. It needn’t take up much space as adding it into a bay window frees up a great deal of floor space in the main square footage of the room.

Image Credit

3. Relax on a chaise

Few things say ‘luxury’ like a chaise longues, and putting one into a bay space creates a great focal point for the room that is perfect for relaxing. Consider the other furniture and its position so you can determine whether or not you want to be part of the conversation or left well alone.

4. Reclaim the walls

Of course, not everyone will want their bay window to be the main focal point. Moving radiators out of the ‘main’ space of the room and into the alcove allows you to use the wall space for furniture without worrying about things being directly in front of the heat source.

5. Read all about it

Bay windows are perfect for turning into reading spaces, either with fitted seating, or an armchair; it’s private, and with natural light flooding in, it means less strain on your eyes. Make sure there is space allocated for a small table to hold your cuppa and you’re all set.

Have a look at the ideas from Shelterness for some more inspiration for how to dress your bay windows. If your window needs an upgrade before you start, talk to a specialist window company like Firm Fix

With so many options for maximising the space offered by a bay window, the biggest challenge might be making the decision as to what suits your needs best.…